Abdullah Foundation Collaboration with NUST

Transforming the world by educating the youth of Pakistan…

Education is the foundation for any society's development and advancement, and the Abdullah Foundation has a firm belief that with proper education, anyone can bring positive change to society.

Hence, keeping the tradition alive, the Abdullah Foundation collaborated with National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) to launch the “Abdullah Scholars” program. The purpose of this collaboration is to financially empower students to get a fully funded higher education in various disciplines of engineering, i.e., mechanical, electrical, chemical, software, and computer science.

Mr. Amer Abdullah – CEO of Diamond Fabrics Limited, and Ms. Maria Qadri – Head of Advancement, NUST signed the MOU, representing the Abdullah Foundation (Mr. Nadeem Abdullah, Mr. Yousuf Abdullah, and Mr. Shahid Abdullah) on October 13th, 2022, at Sapphire Group’s corporate office.

Through this merit-based scholarship program, financial assistance will be provided to 10 eligible students so that they can pursue their four-year degree program without any roadblocks.

The Sapphire Group believes in the freshness of approach, and education is the answer. Together For a Better Tomorrow!