GE and Sapphire’s Medical Care Project

Jhimpir is a village that is part of “Gharo-Jhimpir wind corridor” in Sindh. It is 114 km from Karachi (around 2hrs drive from the city) and has the first wind power plant with a total capacity of 50 MW in Pakistan.  

Because of its isolated location, residents of Jhimpir complain of lack of medical facilities.  It lies between Hyderabad and Karachi, and is approximately 95 km inland, from the coast in a semi-desert area. Immediate emergency care is not available which makes it tough for residents if any family member requires it. People with complicated medical complaints have to travel far off to public hospitals in Thatta or Hyderabad for emergency care. Adding to this, are the travel difficulties and expenses. There have been reports that pregnant women and those with critical conditions often pass away on the way. There is a desperate need for emergency medical service in the village.   Catering to this need, GE Renewable Energy and Sapphire Wind Power Co Limited (SWPCL) teamed up to solve the town’s medical woes. They aim to install a first-of-its-kind emergency center that will give emergency and temporary care to locals in a timely manner. It will be a source of relief for the residents who will have critical medical care available, once this project is successfully executed.   The idea is to install the emergency medical center within the Sapphire Wind Farm premises in Jhimpir village, Thatta district with a stand-alone power system. It will not only address the medical needs of locals but the commitment of $ 100,000 will also help to create awareness around emergency healthcare services (EHS).   This is going to be a remarkable milestone for GE, SWPCL and for the inhabitants of the region as well.  GE and SWPCL are working on the project head on by carefully planning the entire process and studying the meticulous details so that no stone is left unturned to attain the ultimate goal. GE and SWPCL are identifying the potential risks and on resources to ensure that the project is completed within the estimated time period.   GE and Agha Khan Medical University Hospital are designing the medical facility and also responsible to put it into operation.  Once functional, the clinic will have proper staff and modern equipment with a pharmacy and a CE certified ambulance. According to estimates provided, the facility will be capable of treating 60 patients in a day. GE and Sapphire collaborate in operating emergency medical facility