HealthcareLady Dufferin Hospital (Virbaijee Katrak Wing)

Complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death and disability for women in Pakistan and this is quite alarming.

It is all the more unfortunate as this is avoidable and can be easily controlled with health awareness regarding women reproductive health and by ensuring well-timed, safe and quality care.   Lady Dufferin Hospital takes the lead in this quest and we at Abdullah Foundation and the Sapphire Group are with it in this quest for better healthcare for women. We at Abdullah Foundation have contributed in efforts related to improving maternal health in Pakistan and chose to lend support to Lady Dufferin Hospital because of the services it is rendering to the society in this regard.   Lady Dufferin Hospital stands as one of the oldest hospitals running for over a century now. Its history of quality care goes back to 1898. The hospital came into existence to provide better health care to women exclusively and even today it has remained true to its mission.   Over the years, Lady Dufferin Hospital has evolved and even today it is providing best health care services for women especially to the less privileged. Abdullah Foundation is proud to assist Lady Dufferin Hospital in its mission to provide best possible care to women and children and that too at subsidized rates or free of cost. It can be said that 80% patients being treated there are being offered treatment and care at subsidized rate. 10% are getting totally free of cost treatment and only 10% that come to the hospital are private patients.   Today Lady Dufferin Hospital is the largest women’s hospital in Pakistan with a capacity of 300 beds. The hospital boasts the first labor room in Pakistan andpossesses all the modern facilities required in a state of the art hospital.   Though it is providing high quality care the hospital is heavily dependent on funds and donations. The hospital built with philanthropic efforts is a reminder of a culture of care. And this culture needs to prevail.   We believe, such hospitals play an important part in setting a promising trend to improve maternal health in Pakistani women. For achieving substantial outcome persistence in these efforts is required and that is the reason Abdullah Foundation and the Sapphire Group have remained steadfast in offering their support to the hospital and remain committed to extend its support to it in the future as well.