The Kidney Center

Abdullah Foundation has always been at the forefront when it comes to promoting health because it believes that quality healthcare should be available to all and in Pakistan this sector has been the most ignored.

Among the many health related initiatives Abdullah Foundation has taken up, support to The Kidney Centre (TKC) is an important one and Abdullah Foundation has been with them since 1986, a year after The Kidney Centre (TKC) Post Graduate Training Institute became functional which was in the year 1985. The Kidney Centre opened as a not-for-profit specialized hospital with an aim to provide quality care to patients suffering from kidney disease. It started off with a small dialysis unit consisting of just two machines. Since then it has come a long way, expanding and improving with time. The hospital today has 100 beds, and the modern medical facility is now proud to be able to provide complete care for all nephro-urological diseases. The facility boasts of state-of-the-art dialysis units, inpatient wards, private and semi-private rooms, laboratory, radiology, emergency, operating theatres, intensive care unit (with ventilators) both for adults and paediatrics, as well as transplant services.  

Valuable Developments

Over the years, TKC has received generous donation and with these contributions it has made some valuable additions to the hospital that have enabled the medical facility to expand its scope of operations and health care services and these are benefiting an increased number of patients. Here are some recent additions.  


A need to expand the dialysis unit was felt owing to the ever growing number of renal patients that TKC was finding hard to accommodate. Thanks to the contributions made by the hospitals’ donors and well wishers this need was fulfilled and in the month of September, 2014, the efforts materialized and a new dialysis unit became operational. Now the integrated modern facility runs in four shifts and can accommodate sixty-six dialysis patients at a time. Before the expansion, only 40,000 dialysis sessions were performed annually but with this new development the number has more than doubled to 82,500 dialysis sessions annually. This expansion has provided a much needed relief for the community because it is now treating more patients and also has reduced waiting times.  


 Abdullah Foundation contributed to help TKC set up the Deluxe Dialysis Unit. The Deluxe Dialysis Unit comprises eight individual cubicles for patients. The unit has eight dialysis machines which operate in two shifts, where patients undergo single use Bicarb dialysis. Each cubicle has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of the patient as the top-most priority. The cubicles are equipped with all the conveniences that a patient may need to provide them with additional comfort during their stay at the hospital. This includes air-conditioning, internet access and cable television. A separate sitting area has also been added for the attendants to give patients more privacy while undergoing treatment.  


A sum of was contributed by Mr. Nadeem Abdullah of the Sapphire Group to set up consulting clinic and ETT and echo lab expansion. The project regarding expansion of the clinic aims to make the operational processes more streamlined thereby improving workflow and functionality, while reducing operating costs. The idea for the expansion is to utilize the vacant area of 3600 square feet for maximum benefit and convert the space into 10 clinic rooms, a patient waiting area and to develop an ETT and an ECHO Lab. The plan is to construct the new consulting clinics on the first floor of the hospital. The clinics will allow the hospital to accommodate patients of various specialties including Nephrology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Diabetology, Psychiatry, Haematology and Neurology, all of which require exclusive clinic rooms in one designated area that can only be made possible through this expansion. Having been involved in various healthcare areas, TKC is doing a splendid job and hence Abdullah Foundation has been a  long lasting supporter. Abdullah Foundation has believed in their efforts since they made their humble beginnings and stands with TKC even today to help it achieve greater heights.