We, at Abdullah Foundation believe that issues pertaining to our society are collective problems, not to be ignored, but to be solved collectively for the good of the society and for a better tomorrow.

Being a conscientious company, we owe it to our society to take up social issues as our own and contribute in any way that is possible. This can be monetary help, any service or in the shape of creating awareness. Every little step is a step forward and will make a difference.

Abdullah Foundation has been blessed with success in different endeavors and enjoys a position where it can take up issues that have been close to its heart or that require critical attention. Through its different initiatives, it aims to make a difference in the life of others for collective good.  Therefore, it has always been involved in social work and philanthropist activities. The projects that Abdullah Foundation has taken up in this regard have been diverse. But the key areas of attention have been education and health.

We at Abdullah Foundation believe that poverty makes it difficult to mobilize people to work together for common goals; therefore it is more of a responsibility of the privileged class to support them and make the delivery of education and health services more accessible to all.

These are small efforts from our part, but efforts we take great pride in. Being involved in such projects is a testament to our commitment towards a better tomorrow. With the years to come, we aim to take up more initiatives to inspire and to contribute in bringing about a positive change in the society.

Chairman’s Message

Abdullah Foundation stepped in philanthropic activities with an aim to invest in the community. The foundation was established as a way of expressing gratitude to a society that has given us so much.We consider ourselves fortunate to be in a position today, where we can make a difference. As we continue to achieve business sustainability and success at our business endeavors, we are also extending our activities for the wellbeing of society. It is with pride that I can say that our philanthropic efforts have reaped rewards and we are playing a part, however, small it maybe, in making a difference.

We have made a combination of strategic relationships with local and national nonprofits and have made other community investments, which enable us to create solutions that strengthen the community in which we operate and grow.

In the past few years, we have been able to undertake a few projects, particularly in the health care and education sector. We have offered a lifeline of hope to the less privileged. The impact of these projects has been encouraging but our job is far from over. We are committed to these causes and this continues to be an ongoing focus for Abdullah Foundation.

We are grateful to the community and our staff, without whom none of this would be possible and look for continued support as we work for a better tomorrow.

Abdullah Sb (2)


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