Abdullah Foundation Scholarship Program

Transforming the world by educating the youth of Pakistan…

The Abdullah Foundation envisions a better tomorrow and believes that enabling and empowering the youth of today with quality education is instrumental in achieving this milestone.

Similarly, the Orange Tree Foundation is also working for the same cause and helping financially challenged people. Whether it is related to education, healthcare, women's rights, financial assistance, or skill development, this foundation is playing a key role in uplifting the lives of students having fewer financial resources and completely resonates with the ambitions of the Abdullah Foundation.

Hence, the Abdullah Foundation, with its mission of creating a positive impact on the lives of people, signed an MOU with the Orange Tree Foundation. With the aim of investing in the community, we have collectively launched the "Abdullah Foundation Scholarship Program". This education support scholarship program will nurture a conducive environment for passionate minds to excel in the fields of engineering, computer sciences, and information technology.

The Abdullah Foundation is working for a better tomorrow and in doing so, we are aligned with other organizations as well, and believe that this vision enables the youth to play a catalyst in the growth of Pakistan.