The Citizen Foundation School

The Citizen Foundation (TCF) has been playing its part to help tackle this challenge on its end for years now.

TCF schools are giving less privileged parents hope by providing schools which can help their children further their education and become useful to the society. The Citizen Foundation is a professionally managed non-profit organization that has been operational since 1995. It made its humble beginnings with a few schools, only five to be exact and with years more schools were added to make education accessible for the less privileged members of the society. Today TCF has more than thousand schools serving the community. These purpose-built schools catering to the needy are responsible for so many lives transformed and all this is bringing about a much needed positive change in the society. This contribution is not only a progressive step towards empowerment but will also help improve the rate of literacy in Pakistan. The initiative to help the less privileged of the community through education started with an idea floated among a few like-minded citizens. Soon the founders were giving it a practical shape and the coming years witnessed the construction of schools across the state. After 22 years of its establishment, TCF has become a known and respected name envied for the education work it has done for the community. The impact of it is now being felt.  Today the founders are witnessing the fruits of their labor as alumni enter the practical phase of life fully equipped to tackle all challenges it throws at them. The alumni have gone on to pursue further studies in top rated institutes making TCF proud - as their achievement is an achievement for TCF.   TCF has been benefiting an entire segment of society which would not have had this chance to a better tomorrow if it was not for them. Little did the founders know that this initiative would become so successful that this would take the shape of a movement of change.   Abdullah Foundation is proud to have joined this movement of change where it is also contributing in empowering individuals by giving them a right to education. The group behind TCF’s formation took up the mission to provide education to all out of a social responsibility. Abdullah Foundation is a supporter of this cause and like TCF believes in giving back to the society. It has therefore contributed in this effort to help TCF achieve its targets. In this regard, Abdullah Foundation helped The Citizen Foundation to set up premises in Ferozwatan that could offer an opportunity for the under privileged of the area to get a free basic education. The school was set up in the same pattern as other TCF schools.  It offers admission to the deserving on financial need basis. Financial eligibility is evaluated through an organized system. The school is providing primary education to the locals for whom education was a distant dream before. Abdullah Foundation together with TCF is helping such dreams to become true and hope this can inspire more dreams.