Sapphire School of Learning

Abdullah Foundation and the Sapphire Group have been actively involved in efforts for free, accessible and quality education for decades now.

In this journey to fight illiteracy and make it available to all, regardless of their socio-economic status, Abdullah Foundation came up with a project that was to provide education to the needy as a step towards empowering them. This was the Sapphire School of Learning. The school runs on the concept of free basic education. The Sapphire School of Learning was established in 2002 and has now been operating successfully for over a decade. It is catering to the educational needs of students in Ferozwatwan, Sheikhupura, Punjab. The school was set up to help children from underprivileged backgrounds in the area have access to a brighter future. The Sapphire School of Learning has more than 1,100 students who are benefitting from quality education and becoming an asset for their community and the country. These students are being provided education from nursery to matric. The staff at the school is well-qualified. The facility has more than 60 staff members who are contributing in shaping the future of tomorrow. The school is affiliated with the Lahore Board. At the Sapphire School of Learning, Abdullah Foundation is making sure that competent teachers are recruited so that the future of tomorrow can be groomed in capable hands. The focus of the school is to enhance the quality of learning and teaching as well. The foundation of the school is based on good governance principles so that the school is able to function efficiently on the funds provided and is able to achieve the highest impact possible. The school funded by Abdullah Foundation is delivering results and in a few years the full impact of the efforts will be more evident. Abdullah Foundation believes that ensuring access to education for everyone is a shared responsibility and it is doing its part to equip students to become strong pillars of our society.