Providing Solar Panels To Access Free Electricity

Abdullah Foundation has taken up the initiative to help the rural class residing near Sapphire’s Wind Power Facility have access to free electricity.

The free electricity is being provided by means of solar energy. Abdullah Foundation believes that increasing access to energy is critical to the socioeconomic development of a country especially in developing countries like ours where people in rural and remote areas have no access to electricity. For these people, access to a small amount of electricity can mean life-saving improvements in agricultural productivity, health, education and communications. Therefore, Abdullah Foundation has already launched the initiative to empower the poor with basic electricity that is bringing a positive change in their lives.  It aims to extend this further to bring electricity to a total of 225 households. For the residents this is a welcome change as now they do not have to fear the onset of darkness which puts an end to their day’s activities. They now have access to free electricity and that too free of cost.  For this effort Sapphire’s Wind Power Company which is part of the Sapphire Group was involved and it helped the locals residing in this area get free electricity. Not only is it providing completely free electricity systems but has also taken up the responsibility to maintain the equipment required for it for lifetime.   The initiative is already reaping rewards. The first phase of DC solar solutions installation was completed successfully in May 2017. To ensure smooth process and carry the installation in an organized manner there were certain set of rules put forward. This was done while signing of a proper formal contract with the locals in Sindhi language. The legally binding contract restricts the locals to sell the equipment to any external source. According to the contract, Sapphire remains the sole owner of the equipment and will be responsible for the maintenance as well as performance of it for its lifetime.   Following the contract agreement, 20 systems were installed which are providing electricity to 20 households. The solution consists of 2 LED lights, 1 DC Fan and USB Ports for mobile charging and these appliances can run for 5 hours daily through battery backup supply that can be charged through solar panels during the day time. These systems have lit up the houses of the local and were provided to them completely free of cost. The first phase included installation of 20 DC Standalone Solar solutions at local households in villages nearby sapphire wind farm site. The locals reported a major change in their lifestyle that this initiative has helped to bring about.   The community welfare team remained in touch with the locals to ensure that the systems were running smoothly. They reported a very positive feedback from the villagers who have now access to free electricity. There haven’t been any functional and performance related issues highlighted which is an encouraging sign for the welfare team.   After the successful completion of the first phase, the team is planning to launch its second phase.  The community welfare team plans to provide 15 more DC Standalone solar solutions at SPWCL Site and 75 at Tricon Wind Sites. The aim is to extend this up further and reach the target of providing electricity to 225 households in the communities nearby Wind Farm sites in the future. The initiative is a small step forward towards a brighter and more prosperous Pakistan.