The Citizen Foundation School

Abdullah Foundation has been a supporter of TCF and its mission of education for all and is helping them transform lives for the better.

TCF is a professionally managed, non-profit (charitable) organization that is working to give education to the less privileged. The organization came together in 1995, when a group of conscientious people decided to bring about a positive change in the society by removing barriers of class and offering education to those unable to afford it.   For more than two decades now (22 years to be accurate) the TCF team has been working towards this collective goal.In the process they have made a difference in the lives of many by giving them hope for a better tomorrow and Abdullah Foundation stands with them in this endeavor.   Being active in promoting education itself, Abdullah Foundation became interested in the cause as it was benefiting many and reaping rewards in the shape of the less privileged getting quality education.   Inspired by the noble cause, Abdullah Foundation came forward to lend its support to TCF.Abdullah Foundation has invested in this noble cause as well. The Citizens Foundation School in Karachi established in 1997 is supported by the Abdullah Foundation. It is a well-equipped facility attended by 400 primary students.   The schools once established need finances for their running which includes set up of libraries and science laboratories as well as children’s uniforms and books. It is by no means a small task. Abdullah Foundation appreciates all these efforts and extends its full support to the organization to help them in this journey of enlightenment.   At Abdullah Foundation we are committed to play a role in alleviating the state of the educational system in Pakistan and in this effort we consider every penny spent is a penny well spent.