Mian Abdullah Library at IBA

It therefore seeks to help in projects that focus on promoting education.

It therefore seeks to help in projects that focus on promoting education. We at Abdullah Foundation believe education will pave the way for the progress of society and in this regard the importance of library is largely undermined in our society. In this regard,Abdullah Foundation stepped up to give Institute of Business Administration (Karachi) a state- of- the- artlibrary that aims to be a complete source of learning for the staff and the studentsand focuses on supporting teaching, learning and research. This meant adopting new systems to stay abreast because as times changed, so did the mode of learning. Thus the old library at IBA was revamped to open a modern one, equipped with contemporary technologies at par with any global academic library. MianAbdullah Library was inaugurated at IBA’s main campus on 12th October2015. The facility can accommodate up to 450 students at a time. It boasts of more than 60,000 volumes and study materialson varied subjects other than those taught at the institute. The online library system functions in a very organized manner. The rich collection of books, resources and services this library offers stays unmatched and to keep it resourceful and useful, the library collection is constantly updated and improved. The Library has been designed aesthetically with a beautiful architecture and an equally appealing interior to make the learning experience an enjoyable one for students. The initiative is a success story because the purpose has been served. Students are enjoying the newly refurbished library and use it not only in the exam season but all year round. The gain in the knowledge of students is a gain of the community, which is a remarkable achievement. This measure serves to provide Pakistani students with the best facilities and education, which is a step forward in quality education.
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