Jinnah Hospital – Paediatrics

Abdullah Foundation is dedicated to help improve the care and treatment being given to children at the Jinnah Hospital.

The hospital named after the founder of Pakistanis one of city’s major health facilities. It made its humble beginnings in 1994, with very limited facilities. As years went by it gradually developed and from offering only basic specialties went on to include more to expand its scope of treatment, in order to accommodate the increasing needs of patients.   Each passing year has added to the number of patients that turn up at the facility. Realizing the pressure on the hospital staff and the administration, Abdullah Foundation stepped in to help ease the enormous burden of the hospital so that better care could be given to the needy patients. As it is patients from all over the province come to the hospital in order to get specialized treatment. But the huge number of patients was incapacitating the hospital to perform efficiently. This meant a new plan and with a plan came the Abdullah Foundation initiative.   The Jinnah Hospital Lahore administration invited people to come forward to help with improving the hospital facilities themselves and take charge of the situation. This policy was decided by the administration to ensure transparency of the donations. Abdullah Foundation came forward to offer some relief and took up the responsibility of upgrading the Paediatrics Ward. Not only was the ward completely renovated but equipment was also provided to ensure that the department functionedsmoothly and catered to the medical needs of the children.   The Abdullah Foundation began to work with the Jinnah Hospital in Lahore in 2015. It helped the hospital to completely renovate the administrative block including the doctors' room and ward. This was an initiative taken to help improve the quality of services being given at the hospital.   It gives Abdullah Foundation deep satisfaction to know that they are making a positive difference in the lives of children.